Adult Clay

Adult Pottery Classes

Classes will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South

Tuesday AM Hand Building

Instructor: Kathy Clarke   

10 AM – 12:30    Materials fee for clay payable at start of class

Sess. 3  March 5-26, Tuition $120 FULL

Sess. 4  April 2-30, Tuition $150

Sess. 5  May 7-28, classes, Tuition $120

Monday Evening Mixed Level Wheel

Instructor: Tahira Whitcomb-Paulson

This class will focus on a making functional pottery using the potter’s wheel. Students will learn how to make bowls, cups, and plates. Several altering techniques will be demonstrated for making oval, square, and irregular forms in addition to round pots.  Appendages such as handles, feet, and spouts will be considered in relation to form and function.  Tuition includes 12.5 lbs. of clay. From 6:00-8:30PM.

Sess. 3 Mar 4-25, Tuition $120

Sess. 4 Apr 1-29, Tuition $150

Sess. 5 May 6-20, Tuition $90

Thursday Evening Mixed Level Wheel

Instructor: Su Shannon

Learn the basics and beyond on the potter’s wheel. In this class we will focus on making functional work including mugs, bowls, vases, and whatever your mind and hands can dream of. Whether you have always wanted to try the potter’s wheel or have been throwing clay around for years this class is for you. Tuition includes 12.5 lbs. of clay. Teens welcome. Hours 6-8:30PM.

Sess. 3  March 7-28, Tuition $120

Sess. 4  Apr 4-25, Tuition $120

Sess. 5  May 2-30, Tuition $150

Monday Afternoon-Clay Hand Building 

Instructor: Kathy Clarke

Come sit around the table in the time honored activity of making pottery and sculpture using hands, tools, stamps, slips. Appropriate for beginners and professionals. Project ideas will be offered, independent projects welcome, and serious fun will be had! Clay can be purchased at the beginning of class. From 12-2:30.

March 4-25  Tuition $120 NEW

Garden Planters

Instructor: Kathy Clarke

Make planters for the garden in 2 1/2 hours. We can build a large planter, or
several small ones for your deck. This will be made of classic red
terra-cotta, decorated with stamps, colored slips, or appliqués. No
experience is necessary. These will be hand built with a fast and fun
method. For ages 12 to 98.

Students can purchase clay at the beginning of class.
Sat. April 6  9:30-12AM, Tuition $35






Pictures from our Raku class

To register & information call Barb Nelson at 802-247-3702 or email

Classroom phone 802-458-8979 if no one answers it’s best to call Barb at 247-3702

Mail tuition check to office at:
Middlebury Studio School, 989 Indian Trail, Leicester, VT 05733

No refunds given for student cancellations less than 7 days from start of class.