Children’s Clay, Art & Summer Classes

 Children’s Clay Classes

Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting red clay on. You will probably get clay on yourself.

If you have long hair bring a hair tie.

Children’s Art

Colored Pencil Art

Instructor: Brenda Murphy

Using colored pencils learn to draw animals, nature or creatures from your imagination. You will learn easy techniques of layering, blending, and burnishing to make the colors pop off the paper. Colored pencils allow you to easily control colors and shapes. This class is for all abilities. Be prepared to come and have fun. You can sign up for one or more classes. Please pre-register. For ages 6 and up, from 5-6PM. Tuition $14 per class

Sess 1-July 11     REGISTER >

Sess 2-July 18     REGISTER >

Sess 3-July 25     REGISTER >

Sess 4-Aug 15     REGISTER >

Sess 5-Aug 22     REGISTER >

Sess 6-Aug 29     REGISTER >

    Art Camps

All camps will be from 9-11:30AM & are held at the Patricia Hannaford Career Center, 51 Charles Ave., Middlebury, VT

July 1-5, Art is Delicious!

Instructor-Sarah Hewitt

We will explore artists who use food as their medium, make art from food products-or are making art that looks good enough to eat! Students will make salt-dough jewelry beads or decorations, black-light milk paint, make photographs with coffee, and delicious masks and art. Wear paint clothes and bring a snack and drink. Ages 6 and up. 4 days (no camp on the 4th).

Tuition $130 – materials included     REGISTER >

July 8-12, Art of Israel 

Instructor: Sarit Katzew

Explore ancient stone walls, handwoven tapestries, street murals, and colorful fragrant spices! Come engage all of your senses and create art inspired by the diverse culture of Israel.  We will make our own ‘protective hand’ sculptures, explore with mosaic and collage and even use some materials from Israel to enhance our projects! Wear comfortable paint clothes and bring a snack and drink.  Ages 6 and up.

Tuition $160 -materials included     REGISTER >

July 15-19, Nature Based Art

Instructor-Heather Hardt

Do you like drawing and painting plants and animals from nature? Have you ever made string from plants, or crafted tea from plants you found in the woods?  In this camp you will have opportunities to draw and paint in your nature journal using a variety of materials including graphite, water color, colored chalk and charcoal.  We will spend time exploring the natural world around our site as we go tracking; collect plants for teas, cordage, natural dyes and beads.  Come prepared to get dirty, spend time outside and make lots of art! Bring a snack & drink, insect repellent if you like, and a mug for tea. For ages 6-12.

Tuition $160 – materials included     REGISTER >

July 22-26, Welcome to the Zoo!

Instructor-Heather Hardt

In this camp we will be doing tons of art projects that involve drawing, painting and printing of (you guessed it!) animals! -furry, feathered, slimy and hard shelled! Students will come up with their own ideas of which animals (real or imaginary!) they want to make. We will create with paint, paper, fabric, feathers, 3-D constructions, and more. Wear your paint clothes, prepare to get messy and have fun! Bring a snack and drink. Ages 6 and up.     REGISTER >

Tuition $160 – materials included

July 29-Aug 2, Five Days of FUN

InstructorInstructor: Sarit Katzew

In this camp we will be doing a different art project every day. We will make origami flowers, stained glass windows and sand art. Students will use household items to make animal tracks and imprints from leaves and nature. Their imagination will guide us in creating fun dress up items (think monster feet!), puppets and more. Bring a snack and drink. Ages 6 and up.

Tuition $160 – materials included     REGISTER >

Aug. 5-9, It’s a World of Color

Instructor-Sarah Hewitt

Each day we will explore the colors used in different countries around the world. We will make colorful flower potato prints from Holland, bright blue sun prints from England, masks from Kenya and fish flags from Japan. Plus so much more! Use your imagination and create colorful artwork to decorate your room. Wear paint clothes and bring a snack and drink. Ages 6 and up.

Tuition $160 – materials included     REGISTER >

Aug. 12-15, Art is Everywhere

Instructor: Sarit Katzew

Art is everywhere if you just use your imagination! Take your favorite bedtime story and turn it into a place to keep your favorite items safe while you sleep! Up-cycle an old book into a modern self-portrait for your room! Explore collage, paper and a variety of media; learn micrography, mosaic/puzzle art and more. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a snack and drink.  Ages 6 and up.  4 days, (no camp on Aug 16).

Tuition $130 -materials included     REGISTER >

Multi-age Hand Building

Instructor: Kathy Clarke

Ages 4 1/2 to adult,

Class will run on Mon, Tues, Weds

3:30-5PM, Tuition: $60

Sess. 1H-June 17, 18, 19     REGISTER >

Sess. 2H- June 24, 25, 26     REGISTER >

Sess. 3H-July 1, 2, 3     REGISTER >

Sess. 4H-July 8, 9, 10     REGISTER >

Sess. 5H-July 15, 16, 17     REGISTER >

Sess. 6H-July 22, 23, 24     REGISTER >

Sess. 7H-July 29, 30, 31     REGISTER >

Sess. 8H-Aug 5, 6, 7     REGISTER >

Sess. 9H-Aug 12, 13, 14     REGISTER >

Sess. 10H-Aug 19, 20, 21     REGISTER >

Sess. 11H-Aug 26, 27, 28     REGISTER >

AM Multi-age Wheel

Instructor: Saisorn Peemanao

Ages 8 to adult,

Class will run on Tues, Weds, Thurs

10AM-11:30, Tuition: $60

Sess. 2W-June 25, 26, 27     REGISTER >

Sess. 3W-July 2, 3, (Tuition $40))      REGISTER >

Sess. 4W-July 9, 10, 11     REGISTER >

Sess. 5W-July 16, 17, 18      REGISTER >

Sess. 6W-July 23, 24, 25      REGISTER >

Sess. 7W-July 30, 31, Aug 1      REGISTER >

Sess. 8W-Aug 6, 7, 8      REGISTER >

Sess. 9W-Aug 13, 14, 15      REGISTER >

Sess. 10W-Aug 20, 21, 22      REGISTER >

Sess. 11W-Aug 27, 28, 29      REGISTER >

To register or for more information,

email: or call 802-247-3702.

Mail check to:

Middlebury Studio School, 2377 Rte. 7, Middlebury, VT 05753

Classroom phone: 802-458-8979 if no one answers it’s best to call Barb at 802-247-3702

Finished pottery can be picked up anytime in the outside alcove of our garage.

No refunds given for student cancellations less than 7 days from start of class.