Our Mission is to promote the creative process and community through art and craft education for people of all ages and abilities. We offer classes and workshops year-round in pottery, fine arts and craft .

 On Dec. 15th of 2016 we purchased this building that we have been renting due to some very kind and generous donors.  We now have a permanent home thanks to them. We hope you can come and take a class with us.

Our History
In February of 2009, MSS was established by former Frog Hollow art instructors, staff, and friends. Frog Hollow brought community arts education to the area in 1972. When Frog Hollow closed in Middlebury, MSS stepped in to continue arts education for all ages and abilities in Addison County. The school has steadily grown since inception, serving more classes to diverse populations. Because of these successes, the board has elected to take this next step in the evolution of the school toward a full-fledged visual arts community center.

MSS rented 2377 Route 7 S when it moved from Mill Street in March of 2015. The existing building is very suitable for clay programs. Future fundraising plans include the addition of a well-designed fine arts studio to the main building. The kiln and glaze mixing are housed in the garage, formerly Pleasant Hill Farm Market. Currently, the board is raising money to replace the aging gas kiln, and plans to winterize the building and add a potter’s studio.

Kathy Clarke, long time clay artist/instructor and board member, has recently organized a committee to visit and research other more developed art centers in the northeast. She says, “I want to dream big for our community. Visiting these amazing facilities and learning how other communities have invested in the future of creativity inspires us to want that for our area.”