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Lucy-Margaret Cox’s Dog      Painting by Kathy Clarke






Buddy-Annette Picher’s Dog    Acrylic by Kathy Hall

Muffin-from Diane DaPolito     Drawing by Brenda Murphy Blacklock






Lola-Mark Lichterman’s Dog    Painting by Judi Danforth

Rafi-Browdy Family Dog      Gouache by Fred Lower






Licorice-Mary Ann & Walter Deverell’s Cat    Drawing by Susanne Peck






Gertie-Dana Anderson’s Cat     Watercolor by Michaela Granstrom







Dexter-Dana Anderson’s Dog         Painting by Barb Nelson





Eiko-Amy Morsman’s Dog     Painting done by Mary Lower





Camper-Aniek North’s Dog                        Art by Kathy Clarke






Kota-Kristen Toal’s Dog    Art by Danielle Gori-Montanelli





Alycat-Barbara Blodgett’s Cat        Painting by Ashley Wolff




Wolfgang II-Michole Biancosino’s Dog
Painting by Carly Browdy




Nuru-Jennifer DaPolito’s Cat  Painting by Eileen Gombosi






Rosie-Jamie Fitzgerald’s Dog
Drawing of Rosie done by Michaela Granstrom






Jake-Maren Granstrom’s Dog    Drawing by Maren Granstrom




Thumbs Magee-Mary Pratt’s Cat        Painting by Mary Lower





Lila Dog                                                Drawing of Lila by Kathy Hall