Adult Art

Monday Night Oil Painting: Beginner to Experienced 

Instructor: Mary Lower

Whatever your level of experience, this class is your laboratory to learn from seeing and expand your command of the oil medium. The first class presents a one night fun painting challenge. For the next four classes, students work on canvas following a painting process that emphasizes form, the dynamics of composition and use of value, intensity, and temperature of color. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury. Teens welcome!

Hours 6-8PM, Tuition $130    

Sess. 2-Oct 14-Nov 11  REGISTER >

Sess. 3-Nov 18-Dec 16  REGISTER >

Weds. AM Int/Adv Painting 

Instructor: Richard Weinstein

This is a class in the methods and materials of painting. Emphasis will be placed on the growth and development of drawing, color, and compositional skills so that personal self-expression and style can be realized. We will work in landscape, still life, and the figure. Media may include pen and ink wash, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and pastel depending on the preference of the student. Students should bring the materials they want to work with. Class will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South from 10-noon.

Sess 2-Oct 2 & 9, Tuition $56  REGISTER >

Thursday AM Mixed Media/Pastels

Instructor: Sean Dye

Have you ever been mesmerized by a pastel painting? Pure pastel pigment sits vibrantly on the surface. Learn how to effectively use under-painting. Make your own painting using some of Sean’s favorite combinations of materials. Through demonstration and instruction Sean will explain how and why certain supplies were used. Panels, paper, pastels, paint and alternative materials will be provided. Please bring sketches, still life or reference photos.

From 10-noon, Tuition $120. 4 classes per session.

Sess 1-Aug 29, Sept 19, 26, Oct 3 RUNNING

Sess 2-Oct 10, 24, 31, Nov 7  REGISTER >

Sess 3-Nov 21, Dec 5, 12, 19  REGISTER >

Thurs. Morning Oils

Instructor: Mary Lower

This class is for both the beginner and the more experienced oil painter. Working from observation, students will begin by blocking in the composition focusing on placement, proportion, perspective, and the dynamics of design. Value, intensity, and temperature of color will be emphasized. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided.

Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury from 10AM-noon.

5 classes per session. Tuition $130

Sess. 2-Oct 10-Nov 7  REGISTER >

Sess. 3-Nov 14-Dec 19 (no class on Nov 28)  REGISTER >


Instructor: Alessandra Delia-Lobo

Paintings often hold the power to express one’s inner self. Working with yourself as the subject, you will turn your focus inward, and use your chosen medium to express your inner and outer reality, and how you relate to the world. We will explore self-portraiture through different angles including realism, abstraction, and exploratory mark-making, and work toward a final project in your chosen style. You will get out of your comfort zone and move into your own as an artist. Any 2D medium allowed, teenagers and adults welcome. Bring whatever materials you want to work with.

Weds. Sept 11-Oct 2, 6-8PM, Tuition $100   REGISTER >

Watercolors Instructor-Ashley Wolff

Watercolor painting is an easy way for beginners to achieve bright, fresh effects as well as a technically demanding medium that veteran artists struggle to master. As one of the latter, I will share tips, techniques and many fun tricks from my years of striving to make beautiful paintings using just paper and minute amounts of pigment suspended in water. You’ll use a watercolor block to minimize stretching and wrinkling and an expanded primary palette that will allow you to create an entire spectrum without a fortune in paints. Materials list available upon registration. 4 Classes.

Tues, Oct 1-29 (no class on Oct 15), Hours are 6-8PM, Tuition $244    REGISTER >

Monday Night Intro to Digital Photography

Instructor: Demetrius Borge

Students in this beginner workshop will learn the basics of using their camera. This class will focus on learning the basic of your camera, and taking it off of automatic. We will discuss the different uses of aperture, shutter speed, and iso. Each week there will be a photo challenge, and an opportunity to critique and learn from each other’s work. A DSLR camera will be required. No experience necessary. Teens welcome. From 6-8PM. Tuition $75

Sess 2-Oct 14, 21, 28  REGISTER >
Sess 3-Nov 11, 18, 25  REGISTER >
Sess 4-Dec 2, 9, 16  REGISTER >


Instructor: Margret Carde

This is a class in the methods and materials of watercolor painting. Emphasis will be on the growth and development of personal expression through individual critiques of student work. Instruction will be offered in areas that are unique to watercolor: brushwork, color, transparency, and the movement of paint and water. Materials list will be available upon registration. Students should bring either images or objects to the class. Classes will run from 1-3PM.

Sess 2-Fridays, Oct 4 & 11, Tuition $50  REGISTER >

Projects in Painting

Instructor: Alessandra Delia-Lobo

This class is for the intermediate or advanced painter. Each student will pick their own theme to explore for the course, learning to answer questions creatively through visual expression. This class will focus on honing your individual artistic style and personal expression, as well as also building a critical eye. We will look at art history and have weekly critiques in this class to help inform your work. Students should bring their own paints, brushes and something to paint on.

Weds. Oct 9-30, 6-8PM, Tuition $100   REGISTER >

Realistic Drawing Fundamentals

Instructor: Alessandra Delia-Lobo

This class teaches fundamentals for observational drawing. You will begin to train yourself to see what’s really there, to create an illusion on the page in order to draw realistically. We will build technical skills and learn to break down any visual field to see and recreate shapes, light and shadow, perspective, and volume in order to draw realistically, and create a solid foundation for a lifelong art practice. This class is great for absolute beginners, as well as a refresher for intermediate artists. We will use charcoal and graphite. Materials will be provided. Teens welcome.

Weds. Nov, 6-20, 6-8PM, Tuition $84   REGISTER >

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