Adult Art

 Adult Art Classes

 Classes will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South

except Mary Lower’s classes which will be held at her studio


Thurs. Morning Oils Instructor: Mary Lower

This class is for both the beginner and the more experienced oil painter. Working from observation, students will begin by blocking in the composition focusing on placement, proportion, perspective, and the dynamics of design. Value, intensity, and temperature of color will be emphasized. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Students taking multiple sessions are encouraged to develop a concentration or theme and build a body of work. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio on Halladay Road in Middlebury from 10AM-noon. 5 classes per session. Tuition $125

Sess. 2- Oct. 12-Nov. 9

Sess. 3- Nov. 16-Dec. 21 (no class Nov. 23)

Playful Painting with Ink & Watercolors

Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

In this class we will have fun exploring with watercolor and ink.  We will use the ink to give some interesting edges to our drawings and the watercolor to add vibrancy and loose brush work.  We will have still life set ups, but if you have a photo you want to draw, bring it.  The finished paintings will be appropriate for homemade cards, to frame or to add to a journal. Students will be provided with a watercolor kit, brushes, watercolor paper and a micro pen, which they will be able to take with them.

Friday, Oct 13 from 2-4. Tuition $66

Monday Oil Painting: Beginner to Experienced 

Instructor: Mary Lower

Whatever your level of experience, this class is your laboratory to learn from seeing and expand your command of the oil medium. The first class presents a one night fun painting challenge. For the next four classes, students work on canvas following a painting process that emphasizes form, the dynamics of composition and use of value, intensity, and temperature of color. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio on Halladay Road in Middlebury. Teens welcome!

Hours 6-8PM, Tuition $125

Sess. 2- Oct. 16-Nov.13

Sess. 3- Nov. 20-Dec. 18

Thurs.  Night Drawing Instructor: Mary Lower

This course is designed to build drawing skills sequentially using different approaches to seeing and a variety of drawing media. Drawing from observation will be emphasized along with encouraging personal expression. Understanding how to render convincing line, mass, volume, and perspective will lead to more complex drawing compositions that consider the dynamics of figure/ground relationships. Drawing media will include charcoal, pencil, pastel, brush, pen and ink. Supplies are included in tuition. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio on Halladay Road in Middlebury from 6-8PM. Teens welcome. 4 Classes per session.  Tuition: $112

Sess. 3- Oct 26-Nov 16

Sess. 4- Nov 30-Dec 21

Weds. AM Beg/Int Oil & Pastel Painting 

Instructor: Norma Rollet

This is a class in the methods and materials of painting. Emphasis will be placed on developing an initial road map using compositional skills. The use of hue, value, and intensity will be studied to provide the foundation to create a successful painting giving the artist the freedom to expand personal self-expression and style development. We will work in landscape and still life. Students should bring the materials they want to work with. A suggested materials list will be provided upon request. Hours 10-noon.

Sess 3-Nov 1-29, Tuition $100 (no class Nov 22)

Sess 4-Dec 6-20, Tuition $75

Make Your Own Hand Cream Instructor: Kori Mitchell

What Your Skin Wants You to Know: Join us for a crash course on how to make your own hand cream that your skin will cherish. There is no better time with winter coming then now to invest in a new skill that will allow you more self-reliance. There will be instruction, demonstration and small scale production in making your own hand cream. You will be guided through a brief tutorial and be given a resource guide of the necessary ingredients that are needed in making your very own hand cream in the sanctity of your own kitchen. Students should bring if possible: hot plate, glass or stainless steel pot, funnel, measuring cup, measuring spoons & a hot plate if you have one. Other materials will be provided.

Sat, Nov 4 from 10-noon, Tuition $45

Thursday Mixed Media/Pastels Instructor: Sean Dye

Have you ever been mesmerized by a pastel painting? Pure pastel pigment sits vibrantly on the surface. Learn how to effectively use under-painting. Make your own painting using some of Sean’s favorite combinations of materials. Through demonstration and instruction Sean will explain how and why certain supplies were used. Panels, paper, pastels, paint and alternative materials will be provided. Please bring sketches, still life or reference photos. Classes will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South. Teens welcome. Hours 6-8PM. 5 Classes, Tuition $150

Nov 16-Dec 21 (no classes Nov 23)

To register call Barb Nelson at 802-247-3702 or email

Studio phone 377-5661 (you can leave messages and we will get back to you but it’s best to call Barb at 247-3702)
Mail check to office at:
Middlebury Studio School, 989 Indian Trail, Leicester, Vermont 05733

No refunds given for student cancellations less than 7 days from start of class.