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Online Classes

Hand made books in a variety of colors on a table with bookbinding tools

Expressive Landscape Painting Online

Instructor: Laura Lanchantin
Mondays, 6-8PM
Tuesdays, 10AM-12PM
Tuition: $95
Location: Zoom 


This online class is designed to strengthen your ability to express emotion through drawing and painting. With an emphasis on landscape, we will be learning certain art theory techniques and approaching them in ways that work for you and your individual strengths, in the act of uncovering your inner artist and style. This is a class in creative confidence, and students will learn new ways of drawing and painting that resonate personally. Each week we will complete a different landscape painting together step by step, while also learning helpful color theory, compositional theory, exercises in “seeing” and more that strengthen your artistic freedom. This class is all about you, and knocking down the boundary between the work you imagine and the work you create. Students are welcome to use the painting medium of their choice. Acrylic or watercolor is recommended, but oil is fine too. Suitable for beginning and continuing students. Teens welcome! Class will be run over Zoom format.

Evening Session: November 27-December 11  RUNNING
Morning Session: November 28-December 12  RUNNING

Morning Session: February 6-20 REGISTER>
Evening Session: February 7-21 REGISTER>


In-Person Classes

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

Monday Night Oil Painting

Instructor: Mary Lower
Mondays, 6-8PM
Lower Studio, Halladay Rd

Whatever your level of experience, this class is your laboratory to learn from seeing and expand your command of the oil medium. The first class presents a one night fun painting challenge. For the next four classes, students work on canvas following a painting process that emphasizes form, the dynamics of composition and use of value, intensity, and temperature of color. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury. Teens welcome!

Session 4: January 8 – February 5  REGISTER> Tuition $145

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

Thursday Morning Oils

Instructor: Mary Lower
Thursdays, 10AM-12PM
Tuition: $145
Location: Lower Studio, Halladay Rd

This class is for both the beginner and the more experienced oil painter. Students will begin by blocking in the composition focusing on placement, proportion, perspective, and the dynamics of composition. Value, intensity, and temperature of color will be emphasized. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury.

Session 3: November 30 – December 7  REGISTER> Tuiton $60
Session 4: 
January 11 -February 8 REGISTER> Tuiton $145

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

Portraiture in Oils

Instructor: Katalin Tolgyesi
Wenesdays and Fridays
Tuition: $165
Location: MSS Marble Works 

This is a condensed bi-weekly introductory Portraiture oil painting class. Students will learn the essential and most effective elements of painting portraiture. Participants will choose a reference photo, transfer outlines to canvas, block in the values, and study the lighting in the reference. Learn to mix darkest values, mid-tones, highlights, then add subtle value and color variations to make the portrait come to life.

This class covers the most common mistakes made by beginner painters and breaks down the process of portraits into easy-to-understand phases. Students will leave with a finished portrait, an understanding of the oil painting process/ specific skills they can transfer to future projects. Materials included.

Morning Session: January 3-12 REGISTER>
Evening Session: 
January 3 -12 REGISTER>

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

Gouache Fundamentals and Watercolor

Instructor: James Beihl
Mondays, 10AM-12PM
Tuition: $155
Location: MSS Marble Works 

The purpose of this class is to develop a love and appreciation for the medium of Gouache and will also incorporate the use of watercolors. Students will learn the fundamentals and examine the strengths and limitations of gouache through a study of the basic techniques employed when using the medium. A new technique will be explored in depth each class while students paint a dynamic and fun piece of artwork using that technique! We will also learn a little about the history of the medium and how it can be used with other mediums. Each session is designed to build on the previous, in addition to going over, and recapping basic Gouache techniques students will explore new uses for Gouache such as how to incorporate an underdrawing. The class will also cover the appeal of the Gouache and watercolor for illustrators and fine artists alike! All level/Adult. Materials included.

January 8 -29 REGISTER>

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

Intro to Watercolors

Instructor: Steven Jupiter
Thursdays 6-8PM
Tuition: $215
MSS Marble Works

This is a five week comprehensive course that will guide students towards confidence with material selection and developing professional technique with watercolors. The class will start with a hands-on session about the most effective paper, brushes, and pigments to use for a high quality result. This will lead into learning and developing important watercolor techniques like glazing, lifting, masking, and the nuance of mixing pigments. Each session will have painting exercises and demonstrations. In the final two sessions students will work to create a finished piece of art utilizing what they’ve learned so far.
This class is suitable for beginning artists as well as more experienced painters or those continuing on from previous sessions!
All materials included.

January 11 – February 15  REGISTER>

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

NEW! Design for the Human Body

Instructor: Mira Cabrera
Wednesdays 4-6PM
Tuition: $290
MSS Marble Works

In this introductory course students will explore design for the human body, a process which will be of interest to budding fashion designers, sculptors, animators, or anyone with a curiosity for conceiving ideas in three-dimensional space. Emphasis will be placed on communicating ideas through visual language as students are guided through the process of creative impulse, concept development, visual research, figure drawing, material choice, watercolor rendering, and presentation. No prior experience is necessary.
All materials included. All level/Adult/Teen 16+

January 17 – March 6  REGISTER>

Over the shoulder of a woman sketching with drawing supplies on a table

Drawing for Everyone

Instructor: Phoebe de Noronha
Mondays, 4:30-6:30PM
MSS Marble Works

Whether you are a beginner at drawing or more experienced, this class invites you to break down drawing into its basic elements before combining them together again into a finished piece of art. Each week we will be using a new still-life composition set up by the instructor (or students are welcome to bring in their own props to draw). We will be practicing line, shape, texture, space, and value as separate pieces. All levels/Teens welcome.

Materials: Students will need to bring a 12×14 or larger sketchbook. Students can bring their own graphite pencils, charcoal pencils or sticks, and 1-2 erasers. MSS will provide basic drawing supplies for those who do not bring their own.

Fall Session 2: December 4-18, Tuition: $105  RUNNING

Winter Session 1: January 8-29 REGISTER>
Winter Session 2:
March 4-25 REGISTER>

Handmade accordion books in a variety of colors displayed on a table

Concepts of Ikebana – Flower Arranging 

Instructor: Marcela Pino
Saturday, 9:30AM-12:30PM
Tuition: $80
MSS Marble Works

In this one day workshop students will dive into concepts of Ikebana, the symbolic and meditative art form of arranging flowers. Participants will learn basic Ikebana and flower arranging elements: triangulation, depth, placement, color, container size and materials. Through understanding the interaction between spiritual practice and flower arranging, participants will gain an appreciation and deeper meaning of flowers and the way that they can bring a sense of tranquility to one’s environment.
Adult/all levels welcome. Materials included.

January 20  REGISTER>

Chinese Painting of mountains before & after mounting

Chinese Painting: Mounting your Work

Instructor: Yinglei Zhang
Saturdays, 10AM-3PM
Tuition: $180
MSS Marble Works

This workshop is for those who have already taken Chinese painting classes, love Chinese painting & Calligraphy, or work on Xuan paper and would like their work to be seen. If you would like to get your paintings ready to show or frame for someone as a gift, this workshop is for you!

Chinese paintings which are not mounted are not considered finished. The back mounting is integral. It will bring out all of the subtleties of the brush strokes, making the painting smooth and strong. Learn about the mounting process, to prepare your work for framing or mounting on a traditional Chinese scroll. Materials for mounting will be provided.

Students will need to bring: 1-2 clean smooth wooden boards and 2-3 finished paintings no larger than 16” x 20”. For more details about boards, click here.

There will be a one hour lunch break-Students will need to bring their own lunch.

December 2 & 9  RUNNING

Chinese Painting of mountains before & after mounting

NEW! Winter Landscape Paint and Sip

Instructor: Kelly Gearwar
Wednesday, 6-8PM
Tuition: $45
MSS Marble Works

Bring a beverage of your choice to enjoy, and get together for a social evening in this fun single session class. Students will learn the basic elements of working with Acrylics and mixing primary colors as they paint the winter landscape. Kelly will guide participants as they create a vibrant composition, playing with light, shadows and everything in-between. 
All materials included. Beginner/Adult BYO 21+ event

Session 1: December 6  REGISTER>
Session 2: December 20  REGISTER>

We have classes that are suitable for beginners and more experienced artists and potters. There are two comfortable studio spaces at the main building and an offsite painting studio. We encourage all students to go at their own pace in a relaxed environment.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available to purchase. To use a gift certificate, please get in touch. We can tailor your gift to suit you.  

Open Studio is for currently enrolled clay students, and monthly independent study. Independent Study students are invited to sign up on a monthly basis.

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