Adult Art

Classes will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South except for Mary Lower’s Classes

Thursday Mixed Media/Pastels

Instructor: Sean Dye

Have you ever been mesmerized by a pastel painting? Pure pastelellen-working-cropped pigment sits vibrantly on the surface. Learn how to effectively use under-painting. Make your own painting using some of Sean’s favorite combinations of materials. Through demonstration and instruction Sean will explain how and why certain supplies were used. Panels, paper, pastels, paint and alternative materials will be provided. Please bring sketches, still life or reference photos. Classes will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South. Teens welcome. Hours 6-8PM. 5 classes, Tuition $150

Sess 1-June 8 – July 6

Sess 2-July 20 – Aug 24 (no class July 27)

Sess 3-Aug 31- Sept 28

Sketching Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

Sketching is not only a way of recording images, but it also records memories and feelings. It can be a meditative activity to do on the go, or when traveling. Engage your brain and creative hand while capturing beauty and joy on paper. What a wonderful way to capture the movements of children playing, the beautiful skyline of a city, or the magic of the woodlands or park. Why then, is it so intimidating to start? Bring a sketchbook and we will delve into the wonderful world of sketching. I suggest using a sketchbook that is small enough to carry around and lovely enough to want to do it! Students should bring a sketchbook, drawing materials, watercolors and a water proof fine point black ink pen. Teens welcome.

Friday, June 30, from 1-4 PM, Tuition $56

Weds. AM Int/Adv Painting 

Instructor: Richard Weinstein

This is a class in the methods and materials of painting. Emphasis will be placed on the growth and development of drawing, color, and compositional skills so that personal self-expression and style can be realized. We will work in landscape, still life, and the figure. Media may include pen and ink wash, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and pastel depending on the preference of the student. Students should bring the materials they want to work with. Class will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South from 10-noon.

Sess 1 – June 7- July 5, Tuition $145 (five classes)

Sess 2 – July 26- Aug 30, Tuition $174 (six classes)

Chinese Landscape Painting Instructor: Yinglei Zhang

Chinese painting is regarded as one of the “three quintessence of Chinese culture” (The other two being Chinese traditional medicine and Bejing Opera). This hands-on course will foster an appreciation and understanding of the aesthetics of Chinese painting. Participants will gain a broad knowledge of Chinese art, as well as the basic skills for further practice. Students will learn how to use gradations of black ink and some limited colors, using the brush on rice paper. Participants will learn how to draw tree, rock, water, and Chinese landscape painting. This course will also cover the use of the seal. No prerequisites; no prior background in art required. It is a rich and fun course for all age groups, and for those who have, or don’t have art back grounds. You can learn much more and do better from this course even you have taken Chinese painting before. 4 Classes

Tuesdays, July 11-Aug 1 from 6-8PM, Tuition $116

Watercolors Instructor: Richard Weinstein

This class is for both beginners and experienced watercolorists.  We will work on learning and perfecting basic techniques including preparation, layout, color, and brushwork. We will experiment with wet on dry and fine detail work. 140lb paper is recommended but 120 or 90 would be okay (either watercolor or printmaking), two or three watercolor brushes (a number 2 and 8 round and a one inch flat), a 2h pencil, a water sprayer (optional) and paint (watercolor or acrylic). Colors should include: Thalo or Cerulean and ultramarine blue, light and lemon yellow, medium and rose red and any other colors you might have. Frisket or rubber cement is also useful. Hours: 6-8PM.

Mondays, July 24-Aug 14, Tuition $116

Color Theory Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

Do you love color but are not quite sure how to use it or how to mix the colors you want? This class will help you to understand color theory, how to mix paint, the meaning and use of the following terms: tints, shades, tones, neutrals, intensity, pure, values, hue, compliments, cool and warm, limited palette, split primaries, color triads, analogous colors, and the color wheel.  We will explore these concepts with fun painting exercises. You will go home with a working knowledge of basic color theory. This class is perfect for the beginner who wants a kick start in painting knowledge or for an experienced painter who needs a refresher, or wants to enhance their color choices. You will be able to master harmonious color choices and be able to control color mixtures. Materials will be provided. Teens welcome.

Friday, Aug 11, from 1-4PM, Tuition $66

Drawing Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

A few good tricks will take you a long way in developing confidence in your drawing skills.  This class will use a variety of drawing tools to investigate perspective, body proportions, shading, negative and positive space, composition, how to create volume and distance. If you like to draw but need a bit of help understanding how to push yourself to the next level, this class is for you. Students should bring good drawing paper, vine charcoal, charcoal sticks, pencils, smudge sticks, and pens. Teens welcome.

Friday, Aug 18, from 1-4PM, Tuition $56

Handmade Books: Instructor: Jane Ploughman

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