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In-Person Classes

Yoga mat bag dyed with Shibori stitching designs

NEW! Botanical Illustration and Field Journaling 

Instructor: Dot Punderson
Friday, 5:30-7:30PM
Tuition: $45
MSS Marble Works and outdoor locations 

 Field journaling is a staple of natural history work and botanical illustration, and an excellent medium for exploring the connections between art and science. In this workshop students will have the opportunity to draw plants from observation in their natural habitat. The instructor will provide resources for plant ID and botanical anatomy, as well as approaches and insight for developing a journaling practice that integrates observation and personal experience. No prior scientific or artistic experience necessary – field journaling is all about following your curiosity!

Session 1: July 12  FULL/WAITLIST>
Session 2: Thursday, August 1  REGISTER>

Woman holding up textiles with flower design

NEW! Fiber Arts Fusion:
Botanical Printing & Natural Dyes

Instructor: Eileen Gombosi
Monday-Wednesday, 2-4PM
Tuition: $160
MSS Marble Works

Join us for a Fiber Arts fusion of dyeing and printing methods inspired by nature! Learn how to make natural dyes using materials found in nature or the garden, such as beets, onion skins, etc. Discover a palette of color to experiment with while being guided through the process. Next, explore Tataki Zome, a Japanese technique which involves pounding flowers into fabric to extract pigment from botanicals. On the final day, participants will combine color & botanicals with sunshine (weather permitting) to explore Heliographic printing. Experiment with color while using paint that reacts to UV light to create sun paintings or prints. Capture the beauty and colors of nature and create stunning designs in this fiber arts medley of natural methods! Each participant will dye/print on tea towels, drawstring bags, & more. All levels/materials included. Students are welcome to bring their own botanicals & flowers-an assortment will be provided.

July 15-17  REGISTER>

Yoga mat bag dyed with Shibori stitching designs

NEW! Expressive Landscape En Plein Air

Instructor: Mira Cabrera
Sundays, 3-5PM
Tuition: $135
MSS Marble Works and outdoor locations 

“Expressive” refers to a style that emphasizes the artist’s emotional response and personal expression rather than realistic depiction. “Plein Air” is a French term meaning “in the open air” and refers to working outdoors directly from the landscape. Accordingly, in this workshop series, class sessions will take place outdoors, offering a chance to step away from the studio and into nature, while also allowing for a loose, expressive style. Over the course of three weekly sessions, participants will develop essential compositional techniques while creating artworks in their medium of choice. This course provides students a unique opportunity to explore creativity in the inspiring natural landscapes around Middlebury, beginning or continuing an outdoor artistic practice in a supportive and collaborative environment. This series is designed for artists of all experience levels.

Workshop to take place outdoors at various TAM trailheads, weather permitting. Please come dressed appropriately for trail conditions.

July 14-28  REGISTER>

Over the shoulder of a woman sketching with drawing supplies on a table

Drawing for Everyone

Instructor: Phoebe de Noronha
Mondays, 5:30-7PM
Tuition: $75
MSS Marble Works

Whether you are a beginner at drawing or more experienced, this class invites you to break down drawing into its basic elements before combining them together again into a finished piece of art. Each week we will be using a new still-life composition set up by the instructor (or students are welcome to bring in their own props to draw). We will be practicing line, shape, texture, space, and value as separate pieces. All levels/Teens welcome.

Materials: Students will need to bring a 12×14 or larger sketchbook. Students can bring their own graphite pencils, charcoal pencils or sticks, and 1-2 erasers. MSS will provide basic drawing supplies for those who do not bring their own.

Summer Session: July 29-August 12  REGISTER>

Flower bed with black eyed susans, daisies and purple flowers

Gouache Fundamentals and Watercolor

Instructor: James Beihl
Mondays, 6 -8PM
Tuition: $155
Location: MSS Marble Works 

The purpose of this class is to develop a love and appreciation for the medium of Gouache and will also incorporate the use of watercolors. Students will learn the fundamentals and examine the strengths and limitations of gouache through a study of the basic techniques employed when using the medium. A new technique will be explored in depth each class while students paint a dynamic and fun piece of artwork using that technique! We will also learn a little about the history of the medium and how it can be used with other mediums. Each session is designed to build on the previous, in addition to going over, and recapping basic Gouache techniques students will explore new uses for Gouache such as how to incorporate an underdrawing. The class will also cover the appeal of the Gouache and watercolor for illustrators and fine artists alike!
All level/Adult. Materials included.

Session 2: July 1 – 22 RUNNING

Pink flowers in a garden

Portraiture In Oils 

Instructor: Katalin Tolgyesi
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30PM
Tuition: $195
MSS Marble Works

In this five week introductory portraiture oil painting class students will work from a reference photo of their choosing to study the concepts of value, mixing skin tones, controlling the paint and building details. Through hands-on instruction and personalized guidance, your portrait will gradually come to life.
This class covers the most common mistakes made by beginner painters and breaks down the process of portraits into easy-to-understand phases. Students will leave with a finished portrait, an understanding of the oil painting process/ specific skills they can transfer to future projects. This class is suitable for beginning and continuing students.

July 3-31  RUNNING

Rectangular hand woven garden harvest basket with handle in a studio with a student in the background

Basket Weaving: Garden Harvest Basket

Instructor: Kris Andrews
Saturday, 9AM-2PM
Tuition: $175
MSS Marble Works

Build a rectangular basket that you can use for harvesting your garden veggies and fruit. Learn how to construct a basket with a woven bottom, put a rim on and carve a handle. We will do all this in a 1-day workshop and you will go home with your own handmade basket ready for harvesting! Adults/Teens welcome, All levels. Materials included.

Basket dimensions: 15”L x 11” W x 5” H

Students should bring: rulers, scissors, a jackknife for carving and lunch.


Pink flowers in a garden

NEW! Painting Classic Portraits  

Instructor: Katalin Tolgyesi
Monday-Wednesday, 10AM-12PM
Tuition: $130
MSS Marble Works

In this 3-day comprehensive workshop, students will go in depth as they learn the fundamentals of painting classic portraits. Working with the oil medium, key elements will be covered in learning to mix values, tones, highlights, then how to add subtle value and color variations to make a portrait or any subject come to life. Students will choose their own reference photos, and learn how to transfer those outlines to canvas, block in the values, study the lighting in the reference.

Students will learn to overcome some of the most common mistakes made by beginner painters and break down the process of completing a work into easy-to-understand phases. Participants will leave with a finished artwork, an understanding of the oil painting process, and specific skills they can transfer to future projects. This workshop is well suited to both beginning and continuing students. Materials Included. All level/Adult

August 12-14  REGISTER>

Online Classes

Pink flowers in a garden

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We have classes that are suitable for beginners and more experienced artists and potters. There are two comfortable studio spaces at the main building and an offsite painting studio. We encourage all students to go at their own pace in a relaxed environment.

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Open Studio is for currently enrolled clay students, and monthly independent study. Independent Study students are invited to sign up on a monthly basis.

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