Adult Art

 Adult Art Classes

 Classes will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South

Thursday AM Mixed Media/Pastels

Instructor: Sean Dye

Have you ever been mesmerized by a pastel painting? Pure pastel pigment sits vibrantly on the surface. Learn how to effectively use under-painting. Make your own painting using some of Sean’s favorite combinations of materials. Through demonstration and instruction Sean will explain how and why certain supplies were used. Panels, paper, pastels, paint and alternative materials will be provided. Please bring sketches, still life or reference photos. Hours 10AM-Noon.

Sess 2-July 5-26, Tuition $120

Sess 3-Aug 2-30, Tuition $150

Watercolors Instructor: Richard Weinstein

This class is for both beginners and experienced watercolorists.  We will work on learning and perfecting basic techniques including preparation, layout, color, and brushwork. We will experiment with wet on dry and fine detail work. 140lb paper is recommended but 120 or 90 would be okay (either watercolor or printmaking), two or three watercolor brushes (a number 2 and 8 round and a one inch flat), a 2h pencil, a water sprayer (optional) and paint (watercolor or acrylic). Colors should include: Thalo or Cerulean and ultramarine blue, light and lemon yellow, medium and rose red and any other colors you might have. Frisket or rubber cement is also useful. Hours: 1-3PM.

Thursdays, July 5- Aug 9, Tuition $168

Expressive Painting and Drawing

Instructor: Laura Lanchantin

This course is designed to strengthen each student’s ability to express and evoke emotion through painting and drawing. If you are eager to step away from realism and create work that is more personal and from your own inner voice and style, then this is the class for you. Laura is a local plein air/abstract painter and will guide you to create new work in the medium of your choice though techniques in color theory and composition, while also giving lessons in “seeing” and finding your self-confidence. Students should bring the materials they want to work with. Teens welcome.

Fridays, July 6, 13, 20 from 9-11AM, Tuition $84

Nature’s Palette: Earth Pigment Course

Instructor: Laura Lanchantin

In this workshop, plein air/abstract artist Laura Leigh Lanchantin will walk through the traditional method of creating oil and watercolor paint from Catskill and Appalachian sedimentary rock/clay. This includes gathering stones, milling pigments, and ultimately applying these paints with your painting process. Laura will also discuss basic geology, safety procedures, areas of the Appalachian and Green Mountains where she collects her stones, and applying these unique pigments to your painting process.  Each student will have the opportunity to create a series of watercolor paintings using hand-made pigments.

Mondays, July 9-30 from 6-8PM, Tuition $116

Weds. AM Int/Adv Painting

This is a class in the methods and materials of painting. Emphasis will be placed on the growth and development of drawing, color, and compositional skills so that personal self-expression and style can be realized. We will work in landscape, still life, and the figure. Media may include pen and ink wash, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and pastel depending on the preference of the student. Students should bring the materials they want to work with. Class will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South from 10-noon.

Sess 2 – July 11-25, Tuition $84 (3 classes)Instructor: Richard Weinstein

Sess 3 – Aug 1-29, Tuition $140 (5 classes)Instructor: Richard Weinstein

Block Printing

Instructor: Ashley Wolff

Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Blooms-we’ll use the complex and joyful imagery of summer as inspiration for linoleum block prints. Students will start with a simple 2 color print. I’ll teach you how to handle the tools, my safe and easy carving techniques, basic registration skills and simple ways to print by hand. Our second project will use a black key line like my book illustrations. We’ll paint our prints using watercolor. Materials included. 4 classes.

Weds, July 11, 18, Aug 1, 8, 6-8PM, Tuition $200

Playing with Color Theory

Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

In this hands-on painting class we will experiment with different color harmonies based on color theory. Doing several interesting projects, class participants will be able to identify which color harmonies best suit their style of painting. If you want to learn a bit about Color Theory in a fun way or if you need a refresher class or new ideas about color, this class is for you. For beginners through experienced painters.

Friday, July 13, from 1-4PM, Tuition $58

Have Pulp-Make Paper!

Instructor: Elizabeth Sciore-Jones

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn the engaging process of papermaking and produce a stack of paper of your very own!  This class is good for all people who enjoy colorful, wet, process oriented art.  We will be up to our elbows in paper slurry, embedding leaves, flowers, thread and anything you can think of!  We will learn about inclusions, embedding, alternative pulps and multi-layered paper. No experience necessary! Feel free to bring dried flowers, colorful recycled paper, thread, seeds or string. Note: Paper making is wet, wet, wet! Come wearing water sandals or galoshes, aprons and fun clothes to get messy in. This class may be partly outside so remember sunscreen, and bring a hat or bandana!

July 17, 18, 19 from 1-4PM at Hannaford Career Center, Tuition $126

Quick! Alla Prima

Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

If you like to paint, but just can’t find the time, or you feel like you labor over your paintings and need a fresh start, this class may be the kick starter you need. We will be focusing on ways to create lively paintings all in one sitting with deliberate brushwork and thoughtful color palettes. Experience in painting is needed to get the most out of this class. This will be based on the “Painting a Day” practice with resources to learn more. Bring your own paints (acrylic or oil) and brushes. The instructor will have recommendations and materials to try out as well.

Friday, July 20, from 1-4PM, Tuition $58

Key Elements of Plein Air Painting

Instructor: George Van Hook

In this workshop George will stress allaprima painting using a loose and fast approach to capture the landscape in the first try. Participants will be meeting on location and painting all day from 9am-4pm. We will begin each day with a demo by the artist. At that time, he will discuss composition, laying out the pallet, proper use of materials and all other aspects of plein air painting. We will then break up into groups and paint individually.  He will provide individual instruction helping solve the issues for each artist. After lunch, there will be a quick demo to refresh the ideas presented at the start. Painters will start a second painting for the afternoon with additional individual instruction. After 4 pm we can simply paint as a group.  George has found this to be the most congenial and beneficial experience of the day.  Please bring your own plein air equipment, supports, and media (oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic). Bring a bag lunch and drink. A materials list will be supplied upon registration.

July 28 & 29, 9AM-4PM each day, Tuition $300

Abstracting the Landscape

Instructor: Christine Holzschuh

Using the landscape as our subject, we will experiment with different methods for stretching our imaginations and creativity by subtlety or significantly applying abstract ideas to our paintings. We will be using acrylic paint and collage in this class to look at the scenes before us in a different way. This class is for the beginner to advanced painter who wants to find playfulness in their work.

Friday, Aug. 3, from 1-4PM, Tuition $62

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