Adult Art


Monday Night Oil Painting: Beginner to Experienced 
Instructor: Mary Lower

Whatever your level of experience, this class is your laboratory to learn from seeing and expand your command of the oil medium. The first class presents a one night fun painting challenge. For the next four classes, students work on canvas following a painting process that emphasizes form, the dynamics of composition and use of value, intensity, and temperature of color. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury. Teens welcome!

Hours 6-8PM, Tuition $140

May 4-June 8 (no class on May 25)  REGISTER >

Thurs. Morning Oils
Instructor: Mary Lower

This class is for both the beginner and the more experienced oil painter. Working from observation, students will begin by blocking in the composition focusing on placement, proportion, perspective, and the dynamics of design. Value, intensity, and temperature of color will be emphasized. Instruction will include demonstrations, examples from art history and individual critiques. Oil painting supplies will be provided. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury from 10AM-noon.

May 7-June 4   REGISTER > 

Fundamentals of Drawing 
Instructor: Mary Lower

Learn how to draw from observation. Understanding how to render convincing line, mass, volume, and perspective will improve your ability to draw. Drawing media will include charcoal, pencil, brush, pen and ink. Supplies are included in tuition. Classes will be held at the instructor’s studio in Middlebury, Thursday nights from 6-8PM. Teens welcome.

3 Classes.  Tuition: $81

Sess. 5-Apr 30-May 14  REGISTER >

Sess. 6-May 21-June 4  REGISTER >

“Design Your Own Garden” Workshop
Instructor: Judith Irven

A well-designed garden marries the inspirations of the site with the aspirations of the gardener. It balances beauty and practicality, form and function. It also matures gracefully and is beautiful in every season. Garden design questions are as individual as gardeners and their properties. For instance:

Do you have lots of ideas for a new garden but don’t know how to put it all together?

Has your garden been in place for years and now seems lackluster and tired?

Do you have difficulty visualizing an overall plan?

Do you need to rethink an out-of-control section?

This hands-on workshop allows you to pursue a personal design project for your own garden-anything from developing a brand new spatial layout that complements your land, to creating a planting plan for an existing bed in need of a ‘make-over’.  By the end of the workshop you will have a ‘ready to implement’ scale drawing that answers your specific needs. Materials are included. Judith Irven is a landscape designer and garden writer.  She studied landscape design at Vermont Technical College, is a Vermont Certified Horticulturist and teaches Sustainable Home Landscaping for the UVM Extension Master Gardener course. See more at

Saturdays, May 9, 16, 23, from 9-noon. Tuition $225  REGISTER >

Chinese Calligraphy NEW
Instructor: Yinglei Zhang

Calligraphy is the traditional art of writing Chinese characters. After centuries of creation and evolution, calligraphy has become a unique form of art. This course will foster an appreciation and understanding of the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy and history. Participants will gain a broad knowledge of Chinese calligraphy, as well as the basic skills for further practice. Students will try five scripts: Seal, zhuan篆; Official, li隶; Regular, kai楷; Cursive hand, cao草; and Running hand, xing行. This workshop will also cover the use of the seal. No prerequisites; no prior background required. Materials included.

Sat., May 30, 9:30-12:30, Tuition $68    REGISTER >

Chinese Painting NEW
Instructor: Yinglei Zhang

Chinese painting is highly regarded in Chinese culture. This workshop will foster an appreciation and understanding of the aesthetics of Chinese painting. Participants will learn how to use gradations of black ink and limited colors, using the brush on rice paper. The instructor will demonstrate how to draw the “Four Gentlemen” series, which stands for the four seasons of the year: plum blossom, mountain orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum, and a basic landscape painting: mountain, water, and trees. Students will choose the subject for learning to draw. This workshop will also cover the use of the seal. No prerequisites; no prior background in art required. Materials included.

Sunday, May 31, 2-5PM, Tuition $68    REGISTER >  


Thursday AM Mixed Media/Pastels

Instructor: Sean Dye

Have you ever been mesmerized by a pastel painting? Pure pastel pigment sits vibrantly on the surface. Learn how to effectively use under-painting. Make your own painting using some of Sean’s favorite combinations of materials. Through demonstration and instruction Sean will explain how and why certain supplies were used. Panels, paper, pastels, paint and alternative materials will be provided. Please bring sketches, still life or reference photos. From 10AM to noon.

Sess 1-May 21-June 18, Tuition $155     REGISTER >  

Sess 2-June 25-July 16, Tuition $124     REGISTER >

Sess 3-July 30-Aug 27, Tuition $155     REGISTER >

Handmade Books: A Sampler Workshop

Instructor: Jane Ploughman

Join us for an introductory workshop on handmade books. We’ll fold, cut, glue and sew several unique book structures. In addition, participants will learn about some of the tools, techniques and materials of the bookbinding craft. The focus will be on form and structure not content. These sample books can be used as reference and inspiration for future projects. This workshop is for all levels especially those who want to be introduced to the world of handmade books and book arts. All materials and handouts will be provided.

Thursday, June 11, 6-8:30PM, Tuition $45     REGISTER >

Decorative Papers Workshop for Creative Book Making

Instructor: Jane Ploughman

During the first half of this workshop we will create decorative papers by experimenting with paste papers, stencil and other mark making techniques along with some simple printmaking. There will be examples of each method and time to play. As time and interest permits we will then make some simple books with these decorative papers to use as journals or artist books. All materials and handouts will be provided.

Sunday, July 12, from 1-5PM, Tuition $65     REGISTER >

Exposed Stitch Book Bindings

Instructor: Jane Ploughman

In this workshop students will learn to make at least one sketchbook or journal with a long stitch binding method. This type of exposed-stitch binding dates back to medieval Europe, typically created as a blank book used for record-keeping. In addition to the long stitch, other exposed stitch book bindings will be demonstrated and templates made. The designs shown can be altered so students can create a uniquely sewn sketchbook or journal. All materials and handouts will be provided

Sunday, July 19, from 1-5PM, Tuition $65     REGISTER >

Pivoting Panel Books (aka Panorama Book)

Instructor: Jane Ploughman

In this workshop participants will make a sculptural book that has flat panels that create a continuous array of the book’s content. These books can be small portable galleries filled with your images, photographs, prints, etc. We will also explore how to make the flat panels into three dimensional ones that can house small objects. Book binding techniques of folding, cutting and gluing will be included. This is a fun book structure that has multiple possibilities to create beautiful works of art. All materials and handouts will be provided.

Sunday, Aug 2, from 1-5PM, Tuition $65     REGISTER >

Weds. AM Int/Adv Painting 
Instructor: Richard Weinstein

This is a class in the methods and materials of painting. Emphasis will be placed on the growth and development of drawing, color, and compositional skills so that personal self-expression and style can be realized. We will work in landscape, still life, and the figure. Media may include pen and ink wash, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and pastel depending on the preference of the student. Students should bring the materials they want to work with.

Class will be held at 2377 Rte. 7 South from 10-noon.

Sess 1 – June 24-July 29, Tuition $174 (6 classes)  REGISTER >

Sess 2 – August 5-26, Tuition $116 (4 classes)  REGISTER >

Handmade Books: Accordion/Concertina Book Sampler

Instructor: Jane Ploughman

There are many variations of accordion book structures. In this workshop participants will learn at least two variations of accordions (aka concertinas) including a pocket fold book. During the workshop you will learn basic bookbinding terms and techniques. In addition, many accordion examples will be shown along with ways to embellish these structures. All levels of ability are welcome. All materials and handouts will be provided

Thursday, Aug 6, from 6-8:30PM, Tuition $45  REGISTER >

Instructor: Margret Carde

This is a class in the methods and materials of watercolor painting. Emphasis will be on the growth and development of personal expression through individual critiques of student work. Instruction will be offered in areas that are unique to watercolor: brushwork, color, transparency, and the movement of paint and water. Materials list will be available upon registration. Students should bring either images or objects to the class. Teens welcome. Classes will run from 1-3PM.

Sess 1-Fridays, June 26- July 17, Tuition $108, 4 classes  REGISTER >

Sess 2-Fridays, July 24- Aug 7, Tuition $81, 3 classes  REGISTER >

Sess 3-Fridays, August 14-28, Tuition $81, 3 classes  REGISTER >


Instructor-Ashley Wolff NEW DATES
Sept 15-Oct 6

Watercolor painting is an easy way for beginners to achieve bright, fresh effects as well as a technically demanding medium that veteran artists struggle to master. As one of the latter, I will share tips, techniques and many fun tricks from my years of striving to make beautiful paintings using just paper and minute amounts of pigment suspended in water. You’ll use a watercolor block to minimize stretching and wrinkling and an expanded primary palette that will allow you to create an entire spectrum without a fortune in paints. Materials list available upon registration. 4 Classes.

Tues, Sept 15- Oct 6thHours are 6-8:30PM, Tuition $250  REGISTER > 

To register or for more information,

email Barb or Heidi at

or call 802-247-3702. 

Classroom phone 802-458-8979 If no one answers it’s best to call Barb at 247-3702
Mail check to:
Middlebury Studio School, 2377 Rte. 7, Middlebury, Vt 05753.

No refunds given for student cancellations less than 7 days from start of class.